I already miss Conor McGregor… Thoughts on the fleeting career of a prize fighter

I’ve been thinking about Conor McGregor lately, and thinking of that fleeting period in time where he was absolutely bulletproof.

Posing like El Chapo… Walking into pressers an hour late with a white fur coat on, or rocking the Gucci mink jacket with the tags still hanging off!

I already miss the era of when Conor McGregor was red hot. Two belts hanging off him, one on either shoulder hot.

Like a lot of the MMA’s hardcore fans – or as I call them… core fans – I somewhat resented it in the moment, due to all the ridiculousness that comes from casual fans being interested in the sport; how annoying they were, and how shallow their takes were on how fights would play out… it was excruciating, I tell ya!

But looking back it was a pretty amazing time, haha!

Gosh, look how young Dana White looks!

These days, we’re actually getting to see The Notorious as a fighter. This era is about learning the ins and outs of his game, his heart, his fortitude, etc. It’s a great moment in a fighter’s career, too, don’t get me wrong… Where he transforms from the dude with the Touch of Death™, to a human – a fighter – and in this phase, we get to see him fight off his back, and get to see his takedown defence, and what he looks like when he’s getting pressured, and what he’s like grinding against the fence, etc.

But these careers are so fleeting.

I already miss the guy and he’s still here!

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