Maurice Greene vs Greg Hardy Analysis for Normal Dudes (UFC Fight Night: Hall vs. Silva)

Want to lose money betting on underdogs at UFC Fight Night: Hall vs. Silva on October 31, 2020? Then just take my betting advice*!

* Don’t take my betting advice. It’s not advice at all, I’m just a drunk guy throwing money away.

maurice greene vs greg hardy
Anderson Silva takes on Uriah Hall

I think Maurice Greene has what it takes to beat Greg Hardy

I dipped my toe into Maurice Greene at +255 odds to beat Greg Hardy.

I think he has what it takes to beat Hardy, who’s a lot greener than the media gives him credit for.

Who is Greg Hardy as a Fighter?

Hardy came over to MMA from the NFL following him being released over domestic abuse allegations that he went on to be found guilty and sentenced to probation for.

As an MMA fighter he’s been on an impressive run, and it’s obvious that he is an incredibly athletic young man.

The problem is that – as Luke Thomas describes it – sooner or later in the fight game, no matter who you are, you’re going to meet someone that puts it on you.

Hardy’s getting to that point, and I don’t see Maurice being +255 to someone as new to the game as Greg Hardy.

Hardy is an incredible athlete, but he is incredibly green, and Maurice Green is anything but a walk in the park, and even less so if you’re looking to strike with him.

Hardy has already used up his No Contest card, he’s used up his DQ card, and he’s used up his Asthma Inhaler card, all while being fed tougher and tougher opponents… and I think he’s just run out of rope on this one and has no options left.

Enter Maurice Greene.

Who is Maurice Greene as a fighter?

Maurice Greene, also known as ‘The Crochet Boss’ made waves for his love of crochet. He appeared on The Ultimate Fighter 28 and had a good run despite being that season’s troll who was always up late drinking, making noise, even smoking cigarettes before his fights (which is just ridiculous; we’ll look back on those years and laugh). He had a nasty first round knock out, then got choked out in his next fight.

His weakness is his ground game but he’s hard to get out from under if he lands on top. Saying that, he has two submission wins in his last 6 fights, so he’s not to be played with. Take him down at your own peril.

On the feet, he’s a tall, lanky, strong heavyweight who uses his length to his advantage on the outside and the inside. He has vicious hooks at distance and nasty muay thai knees and elbows in the clinch. His lanky ass knees up the middle are what nightmares are made of, as he channels his inner Ubereem.

Maurice Greene The Crochet Boss vs. Greg Hardy at UFC Fight Night: Hall vs. Silva Will Be Amazing

I’m really excited for this matchup on Saturday, Oct 31 for UFC Fight Night: Hall vs. Silva. There are so many fun matchups and the whole card looks amazing.

Happy betting!

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