Bad Bets For UFC Fight Night 130: A Gambling Guide To Losing Money

We have the worst gambling guide on the market for UFC Fight Night 130 and Bellator 200. Don’t miss our hot takes and gambling tips for MMA¬†(all terrible)



Video Transcript


all right we got braces bad betting
picks coming in for the week on coast
MMA we’re gonna try and make this a
regular feature just before we get
started we want to make sure that
everyone knows we don’t condone these
picks we don’t condone betting we don’t
condone Bodog it’s just what we’re using
feel free to follow along take our pics
disagree with us whatever you want to do
but this is our disclaimer now if you
did want to sign up with Bo Dawg I’m
gonna put my referral link in the
description just so we can both get some
free money and it helps me out helps you
other than that full disclaimer these
are horrible pics okay first up we’re
gonna start with the Bellator card this
weekend now I’m not as familiar with the
Bellator fighters I find they’re hard
spread to be quite ridiculous usually
one fighter coming in that negative 500
the other at a plus 200 is a huge spread
it seems that they drop a lot of
fighters up to win against pylons so
picking favorites is usually the way to
go in Bellator I usually see all
favorites winning and then maybe one
wildcards pick coming in and you know
stealing the show a little bit of an
upset now right away when we open up bo
dog you can see what I’m talking about
with the staff dogs because quite a few
fighters who are more than negative 300
favorites specifically filled Davis /
Linton Vassell
and Erin Chalmers / ash Griffiths now I
do believe that Erin and Phil are going
to both defeat their opponents however
if you did want to make a bit of a wild
card pick you might want to pick ash to
the Erin that is very possible there’s a
lot of pressure on Erin to win and it is
very possibility gets upset however if I
was gonna make a parlay for this week
the upset that I actually see would be
Kate Jackson / Anastasia
yang Cova now knowing absolutely nothing
about these fighters but when I see to
eat odds that even in a Bellator card
there is a chance and the women’s
division is an up-and-coming division
things don’t often go as the oddsmakers
plan it’s quite a bit different than one
betting on a men’s by which for the
sport is that time to develop and the
favourites are quite clear
so my pick of the week would be Erin
Chalmers to defeat Ashe Phil Davis to
defeat linen to sell and throw Kay
Jackson to defeat Anastasia and
for a three-fight parlay okay next up
we’re gonna look at the UFC card for UFC
Fight Night 130 in Liverpool England
this is gonna be a pretty shitty card
overall other than Thompson versus tail
however the atmosphere in the ring could
change everything especially if
Liverpool wins their soccer game that
would be great for the atmosphere inside
that arena nuts for Darren he’ll
probably not so good for Stephen
Thompson but a pretty weak card other
than that but we’re still gonna try and
find some hot pics on here so when I
look through this card is there’s not a
lot of not going on that I’m interested
in I think my main bet for this week
would probably be on Stephen Thompson
they’re so close Stephen Thompson coming
in at a negative 105 Darren till coming
into the one negative 125 a lot of
analysts are gonna say Stephen Thompson
is a lot more experienced
Darren till might not be ready for this
so that could be a good pick their own
to one of your parlays when I look
through these odds there isn’t a lot of
great picks but I do have one that I
think is interesting first off I do
believe Stephen Thompson is going to
beat Darren till now of course it
depends on the atmosphere how Steven
Thompson’s feeling but he has a more
experienced fighter there until may not
be ready for those of course there could
be an upset even though Darren tells the
favorite I would still call it an upset
if he beat Stephen Thompson another
interesting one is Elias theodoro versus
Trevor Smith Elias is quite good however
I don’t know if he’s a negative 380 good
Trevor Smith has been around for quite
some time he might be able to pull off
the upset so I’m gonna say my bad bet of
the week is parlay with Stephen Thompson
and Trevor Smith to take it just
straight up winning maybe as this
podcast goes on I’ll start getting into
props and different feels that’s what’s
in the fight but for now we’re gonna
pick straight up winners and my pick for
the week is Stephen Thompson and Trevor
Smith for the upset in a parlay and of
course let us know in the comments what
you think about these picks you know
we’re just having a laugh there’s
nothing serious going on here but if you
don’t agree with my picks or you think
they’re good ones or you lose some money
or win some money let us know I mean we
want to hear from you this is all for
fun you’ll see me lose tons of money
throughout the year it’s all for the
entertainment factor it’ll be small
amounts so have some fun with this let
us know what you think

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